Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A Year Of Grace

Seems like everywhere I've looked the past few weeks, I've seen grace.  Bible verses about grace.  Little girls named Grace.  Grace... grace... and more grace... which is just what I need.

The last few years, a movement called My One Word has kicked off each New Year's.  The idea behind it is not to focus so much on resolutions, because they are so easily broken, but rather focus on one word that you plan to allow dictate your year, and by thinking on that one word, you will see change in that area.  While I'm still going to tell you about some goals I've set for 2013 (because every planner has to have goals... and I am a big to do list maker.  Maybe not so much a doer... but I sure like to plan!), I've also picked one word to dictate 2013... and it will also help me work toward some of my goals.  You guessed it. Grace.

Grace means unmerited favor... that means we don't deserve it.  It is also a state of beauty and elegance, which I don't feel describes me at all.  I am often clumsy and and awkward, the opposite of graceful.. yet I am striving to be graceful.  Giving grace to others when they are wrong.  Helping them save face and not calling attention to errors.  Not being so quick to judge.  Being more accepting, and full of goodwill toward others.  Grace to myself... not getting down on myself.  Because God has shown me much grace, I should also show grace...

So my other goals aren't quite as important as this, and is I fall short, I'll give myself grace that I tried. That being said, this year I want to lose weight and exercise on a more consistent basis.  (This is my hardest one... not something I enjoy, but something I know I must do.)  Once again I want to read my Bible all the way through and do at least 4 in-depth Bible studies (I started Malachi by Lisa Harper this morning.  I know nothing about the book of Malachi so it should be interesting).  Memorize 24 scriptures (through SSMT... Acts 20:32 is my first one.  More on that in another post).  Blog every day, take a pic every day, and count over 1,000 gifts by participating in The Joy Dare (I actually want to see how fast I can get to 1,000, so I'm going to use Ann's guide and write down my own).  Read at least 80 books (I posted yesterday I had done 99 in 2012... but I finished Jesus Calling so it was actually 100).  Keep a gratitude jars (using the 1000 gifts) so I can reflect on God's goodness next year.  Cross something off my bucket list.  Write a letter or send a card to someone every week.  Pray more.  Give grace, of course... and continue to improve on the things I did in 2012. Laugh more, and often.  Procrastinate less (unless there is something more important that needs to be done.) Focus on what is most important and let the other stuff go.  No stressing. Become a better wife, Mom, daughter, sister, friend, coworker, teacher, etc.  Be more positive.  Live... every day. 

The last few days Ann Voskamp has closed her blog with this statement, and it really fits me for this season of life. May this be my motto today, and everyday, as I embrace what God has planned for me this year... this Year of Grace... of blessing.

"Go slow. Be God-struck. Grant grace. Live Truth. Give Thanks. Become the gift."- Ann Voskamp, A Holy Experience

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