Thursday, January 3, 2013

Let's Go to the Movies

I'm usually not a big movie person.  I mean, I like movies, and when Wallace and I were first dating, we'd go to one nearly every week.  I've sat through action movies, and he's sat through his share of chick flicks.  Since basketball came along, though, we usually miss out on new releases, and I rarely find myself having time (or free time, I should say, where I'm not reading) to watch DVDs. 

This Christmas break, though, several new movies were out and for some reason we made it a priority to go to the movies.  I watched 4 movies in this 3 week timespan... and three out of the last five nights I've been at Fugate's Cinema.  I know that's a little extreme, but there were some good movies out there.  My plans for the weekend also include movies...

First there was Lincoln, which both my Mom and I really wanted to see.  It did not disappoint... although if you aren't a history buff, you might not think so.  Wallace fell asleep halfway through... it was very historical and dry in some places, but that's my kind of film.  Some  nights...

Last Sunday we went with Holly and Warren and watched The Hobbit.  I enjoyed the Lord of the Rings films, and knew that The Hobbit would probably be pretty good... even though they aren't my kind of movies.  Caleb went with  us, and while I think he enjoyed the ending of the movie, it was  a little too long for him.  I thought it was a good film and am anxious to see the next part. 

Tuesday I went with Caleb and Mary Lisa to watch Monsters, Inc. in 3D. I had seen it the first time around in theatres, and didn't remember it being the greatest movie, but was surprised.  What is it about Disney movies that make me tear up at the end?

Speaking of tears.... oh, Les Miserables.  A musical.  A criminal changed.  A inspector who would never believe it.  A prostitute supporting her daughter.  The daughter left an orphan.  Love story. War story.  Freedom cry... all of the above.  It.  was.  exceptional.  I have no words... but at one point I was really glad Caleb didn't go with us, because I was literally shaking with sobs (at which point I'm sure he would have leaned over to me and said, "Woman.  Seriously.  Get it together or I'll not come back to another movie with you.") I had read the book many years ago as a high schooler, and really didn't remember much about the actual story line, but the movie brought it all back and then some.  You'll rarely hear me say a movie is as good as the book, but in this case, it couldn't be far off.

So then there's my weekend plans.  I'm planning on renting October Baby, because I've heard it's a really good movie.  And since I've never seen Mean Girls, gonna watch it, too.  After all, I better make the most of it, because come Monday morning reality sets in. 

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