Friday, January 4, 2013

Acts 20:32- SSMT #1

I've spent the past couple of days doing laundry and watching the stream from Passion 2013.  I've enjoyed watching Louie Giglio, Francis Chan, and of course Beth Moore, as well as worship music from Chris Tomlin, Matt Redman, Kristian Standfill, and Jesus Culture.  Just one way to get my heart ready to return back to work. 

I know if my heart should stay ready, this semester will go much better.  That's one way that I've decided to participate in Beth Moore's Siesta Scripture Memory Team.  One verse every two weeks or so... for a total of 24 verses memorized over the year.  Because this is my self-proclaimed year of grace, my verses will contain the word grace.

There are several verses in the Bible about grace... and then there are several giving grace.  Peace and grace unto you was a popular salutation in the New Testament... I really wanted a verse that spoke something (not that all of them don't say something) so for my first verse I chose Acts 20:32, HCSB. 

Here goes, "Now I commit you to God and to His message of grace, which is able to build you up and to give you an inheritance among all those who are sanctified."

Missed and at the beginning.... and it should be to the message of His grace, and there is no those.  Pretty good just four days in =)

Now... today.  This moment.  Every moment... I commit.  Give it up to you.  Here, I'm sure it was the church or some missionary being given up to God, but I'm using it as my verse to say this life of mine, the day to day, I'm committing to God. To His Message of grace... because that is the whole gospel... grace and redemption and mercy. Grace that I didn't deserve, mercy that Jesus took the punishment that I did deserve, and redemption so that I can be justified. 

This message of grace is what everything else hinges on.  If it hadn't not been for grace, nothing else would matter.  It was through His grace that Jesus chose to come to heaven and die on a cross.  Grace, grace... marvelous grace.  Because of this great grace, I can be built up.  I'm worthy.  I'm chosen.  I'm loved with an everlasting love.  I am His... and there can be no tearing me down. Because of this great grace, I can receive an inheritance that I don't deserve. I'm an adopted heir, grafted into the generation and receiver of all of His promises.  And He is faithful. 

I can have an inheritance among all those who are sanctified.  We are set apart, separate, holy... because of grace. See, grace is offered to everyone.  It just has to be received.

Thank You, Lord, for Your amazing grace.  May I continue to accept it and not let it go to vain.  May I offer it to others.  So thankful Your grace is sufficient...


  1. Love your theme! (Found you on #SSMT13 on Twitter).
    I have memorized Colossians 4:6 as my first verse... which ironically fits your theme :)

  2. If it's got grace in it, I've probably got it listed for a later date =) Happy memorizing!