Saturday, January 12, 2013

White Space

The cursor is blinking and there's a lot of white space. I've been thinking about white space a lot today, what with the new semester starting Monday.  Yesterday, I filled in my calendar for the month of January.  Lecture, and ballgames.  It's pretty full, and I've not added in stuff from my classes at WKU.  Still, at the start of the new year, or even at the beginning of a new month (I usually do my hand-held planner a month at a time, from my phone calendar), there is always hope of some rest.  Some white space.

We need white space, time to think, time to collect our thoughts and figure out where to go next.  God gave us a whole day of white space, yet we often neglect that day and turn it into another day for accomplishments.  I'm bad for filling my Sundays with doing some laundry, and working a lot on lecture and homework assignments.  One of my unwritten goals for the New Year, though, was to have more of a Sabbath rest.  I did it last week because I had no choice; I had gone to Louisville with Wallace so I pretty much read and hung out at the mall (not much of an actual Sabbath day devoted to God, but I did read my Bible... and indulge in a piece of heavenly cheesecake...and spend three hours in the next best thing to heaven, a bookstore). 

We need rest.  I need rest, physically and emotionally, and mentally.  Sometimes it is good just to sit back and do nothing... so that's what I'm going to do tomorrow.  Church, treadmill (if it is raining), and then reading.  I've got a video session to watch for my Bible study on Malachi.  I'm going to read some with Caleb, and read some on my own.  There's a couple of books I'm pretty close to finishing, and I'd like to get them wrapped up before Monday and the craziness starts (so I can start new ones).

And above all, a little praise and worship... reflecting in my heart about God and His presence.  That's where we get our true rest, our true white space.... when we allow God to fill that God-sized space in our hearts and make Him the focus.... Cause His grace is sufficient, even in my busyness.

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  1. I agree! I think one of the things that "gets" me is thinking of how it all piles up for Monday morning if I don't "DO" on Sundays. Sure enough, I'm in a whirlwind of activity to try to compensate. And yet, rest is necessary, commanded even. It needs to be a priority.