Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Donut Holes

My kid amazes me.  Seriously, he does.  He can be lazy sometimes, and not want to do his homework.  He can be irresponsible sometimes, and not bring his homework home or lose it.  (Are you noticing a pattern here?) He can be stubborn and make me as mad as fire... but he's one cool kid.

What really amazes me is how his mind thinks. Tonight, we were sitting in the living room, and he was reading out of a book, and it talked about old donuts. "Hey," he said mid-sentence. "That reminds me. Don't we  have some donut holes here?  Better go grab some to snack on while I'm reading." So up he went to the kitchen table,and got the box of donut holes. 

As he's munching them, he picks up one and looks at it. "Mom, do you think that somewhere, someone is eating the donut that this donut hole came from?" I just looked at him... in amazement. Because how would he even think of that?  I mean, it's not really a genius question, but I've never thought of it, and I've eaten plenty donut holes...

He finished eating his donut holes, and finished reading the chapter in his book. "I'm going to go outside to enjoy this beautiful weather..." which is completely out of character. "You want to go for a walk with me?" I ask.  He starts out with those earbuds in his ears, but then takes them out as he sees that I've not got mine in. We walk up the hill by the house, looking at the mud puddles and over the hillside and pausing to take pictures of all of the houses on Twin Cedar Road.  The road is kind of uneven, and at one point, he's standing to the left of me and he's taller than me.

My boy... not so much a little boy any more.  I'm so blessed to be Caleb's Mama...and God's grace is sufficient to help me in my more difficult moments =)

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