Monday, January 28, 2013

A Child-like Faith

It's Monday.  And it's raining... has been almost all day.  So I'm pretty brain dead as I type this out at almost 11 PM.  No walking today, but I did get my Bible reading in this morning.  And had a good day at work.  And watched my Lady Tigers get a W... so it's been a good day.

But I don't feel good and I've been just a little whiny.  Just a little grouchy.  Had just a little bit of a bad attitude... and don't you know that a little bit of a bad attitude adds up to a whole lot? (You've heard of one bad apple ruining the whole bunch?)

And then I'm checked... isn't that just how God is? When you feel down in the dumps, He brings to mind something to make you see that maybe it isn't as bad as you think?  Tonight, it came in the form of a little girl in a hospital in Lexington. Savannah is a true miracle.  I can remember when Robert and Jeannie went to get her.  Caleb was in love with her when she was little because  he loved Dora the Explorer.  She's always been so smart and sweet and funny... and brave.

Savannah has faced numerous surgeries in the last few years.  Always, she has trusted in God and shown a child-like faith, one that any of us would be fortunate to demonstrate.  Today, she had surgery to lengthen her leg and faces an extensive rehab process... but I'm sure she faced it head on.  I'm reminded how much I need to grow.

Please join me in praying for Savannah, her sis Emi, and her parents Robert and Jeannie. Jeannie and I have bonded some over Beth Moore and then even more when we endured the cold for Tough Mudder (ok... maybe we didn't have it as bad as Robert and Wallace...) I love this couple, love this family,and know that God is going to do what He does best... show out with a great big miracle.  Cause His grace is sufficient.

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