Friday, May 31, 2019

What I Learned This Spring (March-May)

It's unofficially summertime, meaning it's time for me to once again pretend to maintain a writing schedule on this blog. One of my favorite posts to write (when I don't forget!) is the linkup with Emily Freeman quarterly about what I've learned. Here lately, here's what I've discovered (or rediscovered): 
1. Audiobooks vs. podcasts
When I'm working, I commute about 1.5 hours to and from work, and that could very easily be wasted time. One thing I decided to try toward the end of the semester was audiobooks and podcasts. I've always resisted audiobooks, and I found that the one that I listened to didn't do much for my analysis of them... however, I've been assured by other people that it's all about the book and the reader.
I did, however, learn that I love podcasts. There are so many good ones out there. Somedays I'm in the mood for something light, some days for something about reading, somedays for random topics that I really don't know anything about... but I can guarantee that there is a podcast out there on the topic. They definitely made my drive seem shorter!

2. Enneagram- I've always been interested in what makes people tick. I love personality tests, and I'm amazed by how we can all be so different. I heard about this on a podcast, and immediately took a test. I found that I was a 9... and I'm still not sure exactly what that is... so I bought a couple of books and by the end of the summer I'll know all about it =)

3. You can like an email in outlook- Who knew? One of my students had sent me an email, and I had replied, and then got a notification that the student had responded to my email but couldn't see a reply... but it was a like!! I"m not sure what the purpose really is except to let someone know you read their reply without carrying on an extensive conversation, but it reminded me just how much I don't know about technology.

4. Teenage drivers
Caleb got his license three weeks ago and to say I've been slightly terrified is an understatement. You don't know fear until you send your baby off behind a wheel...
I'm learning, though, that he has a pretty good head on his shoulder and that letting go really is part of parenting.

5.  8 miles is about my limit when it comes to hiking. The past couple of weeks I've done two 10 mile hikes and my feet are still killing me. My body starts giving up at 8 miles...
but when you are two miles from the middle of nowhere (or possibly more... who knows?) you have to keep on going.

6. Hiking apps are your friend. They can make sure you stay on track so you don't hike off trail 10 miles. Since I don't have much of a sense of direction, that's a very good thing.

7. I love summertime.

Linking up with Emily Freeman at and getting myself geared up to write more this summer... thanks for the inspiration!