Sunday, January 20, 2013

Giving Grace

Three weeks into the year already... over halfway through January.  Grace is a common word in my vocabulary, but sometimes I forget until it's too late.  Until I've already blasted Wallace or quarreled at Caleb... and then that little voice whispers, "Grace".

Yesterday we went to Lexington.  We took advantage of a long weekend without a ballgame and loaded into the truck and just went... we braved Fayette Mall (and for Wallace that is true love).  We ate at Logan's.  Our waitress was young, blonde, a little ditzy... but you could tell she  had good intentions.  We're a pretty easy bunch.  We eat there enough to know what we want without a menu.  The food was good... until the marinara sauce ended up in my lap. Or rather, on my sleeve.  The waitress was mortified.  I could have gotten mad... but I remembered.  "Grace" I whispered.  I smiled, took the napkins, and wiped off the marinara sauce.  No speaking to the manager... no insisting that I be reimbursed for my meal. Just grace... because have I not done much worse?

Children's Church today... 5 rowdy boys.  We talked about Jacob and Joseph and God bringing good when others mean evil.  Is that not the very definition of grace?  Good... when we don't deserve it.  Or rather, the taking away of punishment when we do.  Those boys are rowdy.  They run. They are loud. They talk out of turn, about things that have nothing to do with the lesson.  Sometimes I can't take it.  Sometimes, my need for order almost overwhelms me.  Today, I sat at the table as they talked, and inside my head heard one word, "Grace". 

Caleb spilled all of my french fries from Mcdonalds. I did almost lose it, but "grace" hit me right in the face.  We laughed... "You're not mad, are you, Mama?" And I pause... "Well, only a little.  Because I really like my McDonalds french fries."

Wallace is running on the treadmill right now. I'm watching the AFC championship.  He's watching some movie.  He's working on sprinting, so the house is shaking slightly because he's going so fast, and the TV is up full blast.  I start to get hateful.  I even post something on Facebook, because I know people will agree with me.  But then there's that grace... so I delete the post, and instead click on all of these blogs to read from my email.  Messages of hope... growth... improvement... leaning on Jesus... and grace. 

It's funny about grace.  When you give it, when you focus on it, it comes back to you.  Peace.  Joy.  Fullness of heart.  Because His grace is more than sufficient.

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