Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Wallace Bates Show

Sometimes I don't think I even know Wallace Bates.  We've struggled, fought, fell back in love, fought some more over the sixteen years we've been together.  People change, grow up... and if you don't try really hard in a marriage, you can wake up and find that the person next to you is someone you know nothing about, and you have no idea how they've gotten there.

The past few months, I've really been trying... and so has Wallace.  We've been talking more.  I've been trying to learn his likes and dislikes... and I'd like to say he knows me pretty well, too.  Tonight, on WYMT, they aired a video with some of Wallace's favorites and I'm happy to say I knew the answer to every one of them.  Well, except for the where would you go if you could go anywhere... and I'm not thinking it's really McDonalds.  The real answer to that is The Alamo. 


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