Saturday, January 30, 2016

What I Learned in January

1. Growing up in Eastern Kentucky, I've heard Iota- jot or tittle in the Bible; smallest Greek alphabet letter the phrase "iota" all my life.  As in, "She don't have one iota what is going on." I knew iota meant small... but I didn't realize it was in the Bible. "Iota" was the smallest Greek alphabet letter.  The place most people may recognize it from, if you read the Bible, is when we are told that not one jot or tittle in the Bible will pass from the law. 

2. I've also heard the phrase "the whole nine yards" all my life. I always associated it with football, even though that didn't make sense to me, because a first down in football is ten yards. Apparently, no one really knows what it means. The  New York Times links it to a newspaper column discussing a baseball game, entitled The Whole Six Yards, which really makes no sense, because baseball doesn't even use yards. It has also appeared in Kentucky news stories and is thought to have a "backwoods" meaning. So really, I didn't learn anything as I searched for the meaning of this phrase, other than the fact that some things are just a mystery.

3. Apples are actually a member of the same family as roses.

4. I am a huge procrastinator. I am also a lover of Gone with the Wind, and Scarlett, who is firmly planted in tomorrow. Makes sense for the origin of the word procrastination to be linked to tomorrow... because procrastination is a firm belief in the power of tomorrow. The word comes from the Latin procrastinatus, past participle of procrastinare, from pro- forward + crastinus of tomorrow, from cras tomorrow.

5. Being a regional champion is fun!  I knew this from when I was a teenager, but it's been a while for Breathitt Co. Getting to go to the state All A was definitely a highlight of this month. Watching our girls cut down nets, being lavished with media attention, being escorted by the firetruck through town while they hung out the bus windows yelling their lungs out... reminded me of why I put up with late nights and basketball talk 24/7. The great thing is that we still have a month of basketball before
the regular Regional Championship.

6. Snow forecasts may not always be spot on... but when they are on, they are on! We were told that last week we could receive 2 feet of snow... and when it started, it didn't stop until the next day. Heavy, thick, wet snow. My yard is still covered a week later. It's beautiful at first, but depressing once everyone digs out.

7. I loved Texas when I visited there, and was impressed by how friendly the people were. I'm not surprised that the meaning of the name Texas is associated with being a friend.

8. I can be self-disciplined when it's something that I want. I've written on this blog for 30 days straight. Yay, me!!!

Linking up with Emily Freeman for her monthly "What I've Learned" post. This helps me keep my eyes open to new findings and also helps me appreciate things that I may have forgotten as I rediscover them.

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  1. I like to watch snow come down, but I do not like to live with it! We hardly ever see it here in central Texas. And, I'm glad you enjoyed this state too. We've lived here seven and a half years and like it pretty well. I find Texans friendly also. :-)

    Interesting that mystery about "the whole nine yards". :-) Maybe sometime it will come to light.