Sunday, January 31, 2016

Reflections on Purpose- January

Just want to keep myself accountable. I did a really good job the first 20 days or so reflecting daily, and then life got busy... but here's my monthly reflection.
My 16 for 2016:
1. Live with Purpose- intentionally. I've tried to do this. I've used my planner to help me figure out what I need to do every day, and to help me think about ways to be more purposeful. Still a lot of idle time on the computer =) I've also thought a lot about purpose. Lifeway Ministries chose "purpose" for their word to pray about for January, and gave the verse from Colossians about working toward the Lord. I also found that a lot of the verses I read daily made me think about purpose. I've been convicted that so often I make it about me- what I can do, what I need to do... but it's really about giving Him glory. That's my purpose. Bringing Him glory through my works and actions... and love.

2. Exercise- Goal: At least five days a week, 30 minutes a day, and at least 10,000 steps 26/30 days or 27/31 days of each month (24/28 days in February). (Because nobody is perfect).

For this month: Had over 10,000 steps 26 days this month- one day short of my goal. I'll know my average steps tomorrow. Exercised 27 out of 31 days, so more than five days a week, for a minimum of 30 minutes a day.

3. 1,000 Gifts- Gratitude Journal
My goal was to write down three things a day. I haven't always written something down every day, but I've written down over 100 things so far. Things simple, like diet Coke and reading, and my family, and sunshine.

4. Scripture-
I've written out a Scripture almost every day thus far. The two days I missed, I doubled up the next day. It's an easy practice and it makes me think about whatever topic the Scripture plan is focusing on. February's will focus on love.

5. 365 Day Challenges- One picture a day and writing at least 10 minutes each day. One of my facebook friends developed a challenge and we even have our own hashtag- #write365.
Goal: I've done it!!! 31 days of snapping a picture and writing a blog a day. Yay, me!!!

6. Reading Challenge-
I'm reading a lot of books this month, but I've only finished 7. I am reading several that will fit into the reading challenge. I'm also caught up on Armor of God and Open Your Bible. I'm reading Jeremiah along with a commentary so it is a little slower.

7. I'm a couple of days behind in my Chronological Bible reading, but I'm not giving up. Right now I'm in Exodus, and it is a little hard to read, I'll admit. But when I think of the miracles it depicts... amazing!

8. Look up one word a day from an online dictionary site. Because everybody needs to know a random word. I get an email a day. I've not written the word down, but I have read the definitions.

9. Random/Unrandom Acts of Kindness- I've done pretty good. Not every day, but most. Small things like a kind word. A note to a waitress. Pushing a shopping cart to the rack when I pull in and it is parked next to me.

10. Presence- spend time with those I love, intentionally. Caleb. Wallace. My grandparents. My sisters. My in-laws. My niece and nephew. Again, doing pretty good here. I've got to spend some time with Grandma Bert and it's been fun. And lots of time with Caleb, Will, and Melody. Making plans to watch Kami at some KD functions.

11. Cross something off of my bucket list. Nothing yet. But I do start my research project this semester.

12. Be more organized. Procrastinate less. Fold the laundry as I get it out of the dryer and actually put it away =)
(I have a looonng way to go on this one... but that's why we have all year, right?)
Ummm... It's basketball season. We'll work on this one next month.

13. Laugh. Everyday.  Hard.
Because laughter is truly good for the soul.
Yes!!! And I have laughed. Laughed with Caleb. Laughed with my sisters. Laughed with my students. Laughed with the ball team. Laughed with Wallace. And sometimes laughed at myself!

14. Keep a Sabbath day of rest.
Sundays are for napping and football and reading and God's Word. I need to create this margin in my life. If I'm going to make myself be more disciplined in other areas, I need this time to allow my soul to breathe.
I've done a good job with this one. Spent my Sundays on church, and reading, and Bible reading, and exercising, and watching TV with Wallace.

15. Make new friends. Make time for old ones.
Nothing yet. 

16. Continue to love. Love Jesus. Love myself. Love others.
Living out my values: Be Yourself. Laugh Often. Live well. Love long. Just breathe. Work it out. Finish Strong. Hope always. Give grace. Positive Thinking. Jeremiah 29:11. Romans 8
Trying my best. And that's all that counts.

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