Friday, January 15, 2016


It seems like yesterday I was standing on the sidelines chewing my fingernails and praying that we'd make just one more shot.

Time waits for no man.

And just like that... I've been married for over 16 years and I'm still standing in a gym praying we'd make just one more shot.

Sixteen long years of game plans and defenses and late nights and popcorn for supper and yelling at the refs and loving on girls after their coach has done just the opposite.

Sixteen years of pacing around gyms and wishing for just one more second on the clock, because time is relative when you're playing a ballgame.

The clock ticks slow when you're leading but drags on when you're behind.

Time seems to stand still as girls shoot free throws and the ball rolls around the rim.

Time flies by and before you know it those same kids have kids and are coaching against your husband.


Time and again I say I love high school basketball and I mean it every time I say it.

And tomorrow... the finals for the 14th Region All A tournament.

It's our time.

Or rather, my girls' time.

Some point out that we are a larger school than most schools in it, and that is true.

No, we aren't technically a Class A school, but we have a declining population and were invited to fill one of the spots.

Because the All A is for the smallest 131 schools in the state of Kentucky.

I think this tournament comes at a prime time because our kids need it.

Not just my ball girls... but kids in Breathitt County in general.

We seem to have gone back in time as we've been under state management the last few years. (Not that I'm against state management. I think it was time that our district made some changes. We're still in the process of making those changes, and it will take time for us to get to where we need to be.)

Somehow, some of our kids got lost in the transition.

And this tournament... well, it's a way to show our kids that Breathitt County isn't all that bad.

The excitement in that gym was palpable tonight.

And when time was up...

we had won.

I saw fire in the eyes of those players...

But I also saw pride in the eyes of our pep section.

And it's about time.

Writing for Five Minute Friday today, where we write for 5 minutes about one prompt, no editing, just writing.

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  1. Hi Lauren! Great post on Time! My friend is a high school basketball coach so it is fun to get to live vicariously through her instagram posts :) This gave me the same feeling!

    This was my first ever Five Minute Friday--I am so excited!