Sunday, January 3, 2016


I have a major first world problem going on.

Yesterday, an appendage of my hand died.

I've admitted an addiction to a cell phone for a while. Once I got a smart phone, and had the internet at my fingertips, it was too easy to not become addicted.

Check my email. Read a book. Keep track of my steps. Look up a Bible verse. Snap a pic.

It's a one shop stop.

Until it decides to freeze on the apple screen for some unknown reason.

I tried turning it off. Resetting it.

I found myself constantly trying to check it.

No phone to take a pic at Kendall's game. No KHSAA app to see when Breathitt played another team. Kami mentioned an app and I said, "I'll have to download that."... except I couldn't.

This morning no way to search for the Bible verse that was running through my head but I couldn't remember the exact wording or location.

No way to check on the Steelers or the Bills score to see if we would be going to the playoffs.

No way to text anyone or call to check on anyone.

I've felt disconnected.

Out of sorts.

But it has also made me think of how dependent we are on those little metal boxes.

Too often I've just shot off a text message because I don't like to call people.  That's a disconnect in itself from communication.

I've often been too worried about getting a pic of something instead of enjoying the moment I'm actually living. Disconnected from life.

Too busy scrolling through facebook to listen to what the person sitting across from me is saying. Disconnect from relationship.

So while I'll be visiting the phone store as soon as I can tomorrow to see about getting a replacement, I'm also thinking about limit setting.

Because while my phone should be a tool to connect me to those around me, it shouldn't hinder me from those connections.

And I should be able to breathe easily, even if it isn't working...

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