Sunday, January 10, 2016

Binge Watching

I've never been an avid TV watcher.

Through the years, I've been a fan of many shows. On the days we'd come home straight after school, I loved the Brady Bunch and the Munsters and the Adams Family on TBS. I loved The Cosby Show and The Wonder Years and Full House. Family Ties and Different Strokes and Saved by the Bell. Fresh Prince of BelAir and Blossom. Because I loved the book series, Little House on the Prairie.

And nothing compares to ER and Friends.

But to say that I never missed a show... well, not really.

Y'all know that I'd just as soon read a good book as to watch a TV show.  In fact, on days when I'm at home alone, I usually don't turn the TV on unless it's to watch Dance Moms while walking on the treadmill or a basketball or football game.

I've never been one to binge on Netflix.

Except last year, when Caleb wanted me to watch Once Upon a Time with him and I needed to catch up to know what was going on.

And now.

Wallace and I have been watching Making a Murderer. We started watching it when I saw numerous posts on facebook and also when we saw it on the news in the morning. We're not necessarily binge watching, although we have watched about half of the series in five days.

Our conversations through the show go something like this.

Wallace: "I'm not sure if he did it or not."

Me: "Hmmm"

Wallace: "I think they've set him up."

Me: "Hmmm"

Wallace: "I don't know. Maybe he is guilty."

and so on and so forth. Wallace has never figured out that you're not supposed to actually talk about the show as you are watching it.

I've not yet to form an opinion. There are several things that make me think he could be guilty, but then there seem to be some serious problems with the investigation.

And Kami tells me that even after I watch the whole thing I probably won't be sure.

It's outraged many across America, and petitions have been signed for his release.

What it's mainly made me think of is how we can make entertainment out of even the most heinous of situations.

Which is kind of scary in and of itself....

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