Monday, January 19, 2015

Tomorrow is another Day

Three day weekends are always the best.

Until you actually have to go back to work...

I've been lazy today, for the most part, although I did make myself walk 5 miles outside.  The sun was glorious and I even walked in short sleeves.  It was so nice that it made me dread the rest of the week, because I know winter will be visiting again and I'll be forced to hit the treadmill.

Which really isn't THAT bad during college basketball season. And I DO have about 5 episodes of Dance Moms on DVR should a ballgame not be on.

But still...

In anticipation of the coming week and a desire to finally get more organized, I went ahead and did a week at a glance calendar to stick in my planner.  I made a big list of stuff I needed to get accomplished, looked at what had to be accomplished each day, and even determined when I could exercise. 

We'll see if it is useful or not. 

I'm learning that in order for organizational tools to be useful, you have to actually glance at them every now and again... which I am notorious for NOT doing.

And then I complain because I feel like I'm forgetting something.

I'm also thinking of how the alarm clock will go off in the morning and I'll be longing to hit the snooze button 5 million times.  (Or possibly just five, which I have been known to do).

So I started thinking of bedtime and wasted time and how I can sit in front of this computer and click and click and click until it's magically midnight and instead of turning into a pumpkin my computer has turned into this machine that sucks all of my willpower right out of me, and I'm Cinderella only instead of rags I'm wearing ratty sweatpants and a tee-shirt and feeling like crap in the morning.

I'm not sure what I'm expecting to see as I sit in front of the computer...

so tonight I'm shutting her down before 9 PM. 

Which leaves me approximately 15 minutes to search social media for whatever it is I think is there...

And hopefully tomorrow I'll be in a much better mood in the morning and I'll be primed to check off everything on my to do list...

Leaving me with nothing to do but search social media the rest of the week.

Ah... tomorrow is another day. Night, y'all!

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  1. So with you on so much of this post! I too use organizing tools, but then I forget to look at them. I'm going to try to make a habit of having my organizer open in front of the coffee pot in the a.m. (I won't miss it that way - I ALWAYS make my coffee), then checking it again at some point in the afternoon (may have to set an alarm on my phone for that), then again in the evening. I've found my phone alarm is really helping me stay on top of stuff I have to do each day, so I'm going to use it much more often.
    I also have issues with staying on my computer way too long and since my mantra is Less Screen in 2015 I really need to be more enforcing. I am just feeling really pressured to get work done, but then I get distracted. :) I need to make more of my work offline so I don't have the temptation! lol Good luck with tomorrow!