Thursday, January 22, 2015

Pickup Kid- Throwback Thursday

I was a teacher's kid. 

Which had disadvantages...

like when I turned sixteen I usually couldn't drive to school because there was no reason to drive two vehicles to school.

And when I got send to her room because I didn't have my English homework done.

And because she knew about senior skip day so I NEVER got away with ANYTHING. (Not that I tried...)

But there was advantages, too... and as I was driving Caleb to SMS this morning I thought about one of them.

My Mom worked at LBJ when I was in grade school, so I was a "pickup" kid even though I didn't actually get picked up.  Basically that meant that I had to stay in the classroom until the buses loaded.

Except one time, when I didn't, because Livi and I didn't think we needed to wait any longer... so we left our 2nd grade classroom.

However, we were kind enough to leave a note for our teacher, telling her that we were going to my Mom's room and that we understood if we were punished for leaving without permission.

We also liked to hang out in the parking lot.

Well, not exactly in the parking lot... but at the end of the sidewalk on the handicap ramp.

And by hanging out.. I mean hanging out.

As in upside down, hanging from the rail by our knees.  I never was good at gymnastics, but I pretended that I was.

One of the other pickup kids was always hungry... he was a growing boy.  So Livi and I saved our lunches so we could feed him.

We'd give him whatever we had left over and then hang upside down while we waited for his Mom to pick him up.

We also hung out in the bathrooms and dusted erasers on the sidewalk and traded Garbage Pail collector cards.

All while waiting for the buses to load...

Good times. 

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