Monday, January 5, 2015

Love Your Neighbor... Even if they are Wearing Black and White

Ok, y'all, it's the 5th of January... and I've already broken one of my resolutions.

Well, maybe I didn't completely break it... because I knew it was going to be a tough one. 

Doing everything out of love... well, sometimes that seems impossible...

Especially when you think of the verses that talk about love in the Bible.  I'll be digging into some of them in coming posts... but think about it. Love God first.  Love your neighbors as yourself.  (Let's be honest, sometimes it's hard to love ourselves, right?) Love those who hurt you...

And that may or may not be guys and girls in striped shirts. 

And also scorekeepers who turn around and give you evil looks because you yelled just a little too loudly at a ballgame...

when the player that NEVER fouls out was sent to the bench with her "5th and final foul".

and when one of the inside players came to the bench limping because the other player thought she was playing soccer, using her leg as the ball.

And maybe, just maybe, I was a little out of hand when I yelled, "She kicked her.  Of course she did. They've been hit and kicked and scratched... I'm surprised they haven't been bitten."

At least if you are going to yell, maybe you should do it when the gym isn't so quiet.

So, tonight, I really tried to talk myself down because once again I felt my heart racing, and it wasn't because the game was so close (even though it was). 

I just get so daggone sick of inconsistencies.  I'm not for cheating anyone.  I just want refs who call it both ways, who call the same calls when something happen, and who don't miss calls.

And I understand that calls get missed... because they are human.

So I'm trying to think about Galatians 5:14, which says, "For the entire law is fulfilled in one statement; Love your neighbor as yourself."

One statement... love your neighbor. 

Giving them the benefit of the doubt.

Trying to see things from their viewpoint.

God said nothing is impossible... but it sure is hard sometimes.

So, tonight, I'm reflecting on what I can do the next time I get in this situation and thinking about how his mercies are new every morning, and thanking God I'm a work in progress and He'll keep working on me...

not just in this year, 2015, My year to love...

but until I'm perfect, complete in Him.

But right now I'm going to go soak in a bathtub and try to figure out in my head what exactly they were thinking.

All in love...

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