Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Thanks for the Sympathy

I am feeling utterly uninspired tonight. 

It may be the fact that it is wintertime and it is almost zero outside, and the windchimes on my front porch are lulling me into a semi-coma that resembles something of a bear that is hibernating...

Or at least I wish.  I'm thinking that even though we aren't really supposed to hibernate, humans missed the message because all I've wanted to do all day long is eat chocolate and take a nap.

I may or may not have eaten almost an entire bag of Hershey Kisses sitting at my desk today...

which is why I patted myself, hard, on the back for going to the workout room before work and getting on the elliptical and the stationary bike. 

I'm sure I burnt off at least one of those kisses.

I tried to convince myself to walk on the treadmill when I got home tonight but then talked myself right out of it because I was able to get my 10,000 steps in pacing in the living room while American Idol was on.

Wallace was also watching American Idol as he monopolized the treadmill (trust me... he could have it!!!). The only thing is, the TV in that room is on about a five second delay so every song sounded like it had a bunch of backup singers repeating every word that was said.

All in all, though, I enjoyed it, and managed to talk myself out of getting into the chocolate stash.

I'm telling you, I really do have a problem.

And then I started thinking of the blister that is my entire heel.  I got a new pair of shoes on sale on Amazon... Asics.  They were 40% off and I congratulated myself on being a bargain shopper when I saw the same pair for almost $150 at Dick's.  I wore them last night as I finished up a mile on the treadmill and when I removed my socks I was appalled.

Wallace assures me that it is a "normal" blister and if I hear the word "hotspot" one more time I just may punch him in the face.

I never expected to get sympathy from him... which is why I'm now sitting on the couch writing this blog finishing up the last of the mint chocolate chip ice cream...

Because dairy products have a little bit of protein and protein is good for wound healing and you just lost five minutes of your life reading this post...

But I know you'll have sympathy for me.. or you'll wish you were hibernating, too.

Stay warm, folks! 

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  1. Someone is meteo sensitive and try to cure it with chocolate. That's not so bad after all, isn't it? ;) I guess there is a price to pay for such an amount of yumminess. :D
    No, serious now. We all have days when we're too tired or bored for doing anything, so it's ok if we just indulge for a day with chocolate, nappy and tv.
    I hope you'll feel more energized soon and willing to do amazing things. :)