Tuesday, January 13, 2015

This is Temporary

Somedays, it seems like nothing goes right.

You have the wrong book for class.

The clinical rotations are all wrong.

It's an icy morning and your boys got a snow day but you have to go in to work.

You don't feel like walking on the treadmill but you make yourself...

And that's not even touching the ones in your life who have real problems.

Cousins facing heart surgery and friends getting chemo and sitting by the bedside of their teenage son and those facing death and loss and financial difficulties.

And it's easy to get sunk in the mire of this earth...

But it's temporary, y'all.

Tonight my friend Krystal shared this picture on facebook along with a reference to the verse in Philippians where it talks about how He is faithful to finish what He started (my paraphrase).

And I know that even in my imperfections, His perfect love is there.

For days when I struggle...

And on those really great days, too.

Because He has a plan.  Those bumps in the road today? They are just getting you ready for the best day ever...

Your eternal home, where you'll lay your crown at His feet and cry "Holy, holy".

This.  Is. Temporary.

Just breathe...

Because He's working.

And His mercies are new every morning.

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