Sunday, January 11, 2015

Canceling out Prayers

Freezing rain in the forecast is not my idea of the start to a great semester.

I'm a whiner, I know, but I'm a big chicken and don't care much for driving in it.

Caleb is praying for the weather because he wants to sleep in... but I'm not quite as enthusiastic.

And that makes me think of the process of prayer in the first place...

Like can we cancel out each other's prayers?

Like at a ballgame... when I'm praying for my team to win (and yes, I do think God cares about basketball.  He loves me, and cares about what I'm passionate about... so of course He cares).

But there's probably a Mama on the other team praying awfully hard, too...

And for every prayer for snow, there's an employee of the highway department praying that it doesn't.

Which reminds me that God is not a genie in a bottle.

Prayer is such a complex thing... I can't begin to understand it or explain it.

All I know is that I don't do it enough...

Pray about the big stuff. 

The stuff that matters...

apart from weather and basketball.  And even after reading Before Amen, a book by Max Lucado about prayer, I struggle.

I get busy and forget.

I get mad about situations and pout.

I resolve to do better...

but I'm human.

And so tonight, this rainy Sunday night before the start of the semester and before we head into a particularly challenging couple of weeks on our ball schedule and as I'm thinking of girls facing surgeries and families facing loss and cancer and unemployment and problems...

I'm thanking God that He's there, and He knows us and loves us.

And He's listening, even if it is just me complaining.

Because he loves me. 

And His grace is sufficient.

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