Thursday, January 8, 2015

Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday- The day when we all share pictures of our former self on social media.

Last night I went upstairs and looked through some old albums looking for a picture to share for Throwback Thursday. Mom's albums are true gems for this purpose. She has a whole collection ranging from the year she was married to the present (well, ok... maybe not an album for the next couple of years because since she retired she got so busy that she doesn't work on them as much as she used to... but I know her and know that they will get put in albums!!!)

Anyway, since it was snowing outside and cold I pulled out the winter albums and took a stroll down memory lane.  I particularly like looking at the albums when Kami was little...

And last night I remembered something that I had forgotten about.

For a few years, my Papaw did an ice garden. 

It was pretty elaborate.

He rigged up a bunch of water hose and sprinklers and strings on trees (at least I think that's what he used).  When the water froze, these created huge icicles.  They were pretty awesome.  Each year the project got more involved. He was featured in the Lexington Herald Leader and even in a book, Kentucky: A Guide to Unique Places.

As he got older and his COPD worsened, he wasn't able to get out and create his masterpieces. Time went by and I even forgot about it, until I found a picture of them. As I looked through Mom's album, I remembered once again what an awesome and interesting guy he is.

He never graduated college, but he is the smartest man I know.

His stubborn streak runs a mile... but his heart is bigger than he knows what to do with.

So glad for throwback Thursday... because it lets me remember things that I usually don't think of.

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