Saturday, January 3, 2015

First Random Thought Post of the Year

So these are some random thoughts that I'm having...

1. Half-Price Books is one of the best places on earth... especially when you shop the clearance section. You can't quite beat a book for $1.  However, you can't go in expecting to check things off a list, because it is often a random search.  The last two times I've went I was looking for books in the Outlander series.  I still haven't started it, because I've heard that once you start you want to just keep reading, and I only had the first one. The last time I visited Half-Price books I found the second one. Today, no luck... but I did find a nice Elin Hilderbrand book with a picture of a beach that made me miss summer more than I already was.

2. I'm not ready for wintertime yet.  It's pouring the rain outside and it sounds wonderful on my tin roof, but the forecast says the temperature is going to drop and I'm already dreading it.  Pair that with the fact that day after tomorrow is Monday... and the first day back to work/school.. and it could make for some serious whining.

3. As I'm getting ready to go to bed, I'm debating whether I like this memory foam mattress topper Wallace purchased. He's a huge fan... but I feel like I'm sinking in.  Considering the amount of tossing and turning I do throughout the night, I could burn some major calories, though, because it's a lot more effort to turn over.

4. Watching ballgames with my Mom and Kami are majorly fun.  My Mom gets just as excited as we do when there is a fumble or an interception... but our cheering was to no avail and the Steelers were sent home packing by the Ravens, who, in my humble opinion, are a bunch of thugs.  Perhaps it's the association with Suggs and Sug Knight that make me think that Suggs is a thug... because the names sound the same and it's so right of me to make assumptions about people that I don't even know...

5. It's two minutes until midnight and this has to count for today's post... so good night, y'all. Sorry this one wasn't much.  Just what's going on in my head tonight. Now let me lay down on this memory foam..

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