Thursday, January 15, 2015

Throwback Thursday

I shared a couple of weeks ago a memory that I hadn't thought about in a long time... thought it might be neat to use this as a theme day. Also, once again, I'm grasping at straws about interesting things to write about...

It's funny how a place can have such strong memories attached.  It seems like every inch of Breathitt High School brings back a memory to me.  Last week Caleb was practicing with the Ladycats and I decided to take advantage of the time to get some indoor steps in.  I walked around the building and couldn't help but think of...

Freddy Kreuger and the Boiler Room.  When I was little, I wasn't allowed to watch scary movies but somehow I knew the song from Nightmare on Elm Street.  When we would walk underneath the Coliseum to go to a game or something from the main building that song would run through my head and I would be petrified. I don't remember the older girls every scaring me, but I'm pretty sure they must have talked about it.  Even in high school it gave me the creeps to walk down there... and the other night I found myself walking a little faster, even though it was craziness! 

I walked by the ROTC shooting range and thought of getting to Breathitt in the afternoon after riding the bus from SMS.  Some Fridays the special education department and the ROTC program would go together and have impromptu dances in the shooting range. I can remember the music and walking in and trying to find Mom.

The art room and painting signs in high school... the lobby and painting signs in high school... the PE gym and painting signs in high school... we painted a lot of signs on our way to the two state championships!!!

The wheelchair ramp... as a young girl I would go down there and pretend like it was a castle... or a crime scene.  (I alternated between being a princess and a detective, thanks to my cousin Brandon.).  I would also sneak down there and read.  As I walked up that ramp, I could hear 5-6-7-8 and the sound of cheerleaders clapping their hands to their thighs as they ran through routines.

I had many "castles".  The stairwell in the PE gym.  The stairwells at the end of the Coliseum.  The box where the band's drums were placed during games.  The inside of the stage (although I didn't use that one much... because, you know... the Boiler room was under it).  The mats covering the goals... at that time, you could climb up the goals and I would climb up and slide down... over.  and over.  and over. 

My memories of the high school were formed much earlier than when I actually attended school there.  Sometimes, if I close my eyes, it's like I'm there again...

hanging out at the pole in front of the PE gym or in Mrs. Coomer's room at lunch or at my locker at breaktime.

Running when a mouse jumped out of my locker one Sunday afternoon during cheerleading practice.

Sitting in the floor doing calculus homework (or trying to, anyway...)

Hours sitting in the chorus room.

So.  Many.  Jumps.  in the hallway and running bleachers and laps around the school. 

Good times... but some bad times, too...

But it's funny how we mostly just remember the good times.

Is there a certain place that brings back memories to you? Close your eyes and think on that place...

And enjoy a little throwback.

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