Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Unexpected

A few days ago I wrote about a quote from Grace for the Good Girl, talking about a "God-breathed tempo" is to "cherish the unexpected."  This quote came to mind this morning.  As mentioned last night, I have a packed schedule this week... lots to do before classes start on the 13th, and Holly's wedding.  So this morning I woke up, read my Bible and had my quiet time, did my hour walk, and hit the road running.  Literally... well, not me running. But my car. 

Drop Caleb off to visit Grandma Na, nails done, drive home to pick something up for Wallace.  Ticking off in my head and having Caleb write me a list because I am so forgetful.  And at the bottom of Shoulderblade Hill we sit.  And sit.  And sit.  As they blacktop... I can feel my blood pressure raise slowly as I'm thinking of all I still need to do.  And then that voice speaks... whispers, in my head.  "Cherish the unexpected."

Because the little boy sitting in the front seat next to me was talking a mile a minute.  We laughed. He talked some more.  He was singing, and asking questions, and pondering about school.  And breathing, full of life.  Mine... in this moment, a gift from God.

We got over Shoulderblade Hill and continued on our way... Rose Bros to pick up tuxes and Hazard for Applebees, a trip to Walmart, and a haircut, before I headed back to stop at the church and help move tables and boxes.  And the whole way he talked.  A big hug as I headed back to church...

And as we decorated for the wedding, the most joyous occassion, the solemn thought of another family in our community crossed my mind.  A 16 year old laying in a casket, a team of football players meeting in the den in the morning,  not for practice, but donning their jerseys and loading on a bus to ride to the funeral home to bid one of their teammates goodbye. 

Ah... yes, cherishing the unexpected.  And  praying for those who can't at this moment.  Thank You, God for Your blessings, and for opening my eyes yet again.  And if you are reading this, please say a prayer for Leighann, Ricky, and their family, and for all of our Bobcat family.  I know I'll be thinking of them... His grace is sufficient... even when we can't imagine it. 

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