Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Gifts of Sand... Even In the Mountains

Since January, I've been participating in the Joy Dare, Ann Voskamp's dare for us to live fully by giving thanks. Since reading her book 1000 gifts, my eyes have been open to the importance of the little things.  Most days, I follow her suggestions of small things to be thankful for... but some days I'm just not that creative, so I end up writing the same old stuff... house, family, love, etc.  Today, when I saw it was gifts of sand... Hmmm.  Where am I going to come up with these here in Eastern Kentucky?  No sandy beaches to look at here...

But then I am reminded of the jar I took to my office at Lees.  Filled with sand from one of my very favorite places on earth, Myrtle Beach, and seashells I collected, I brought this home so that I can be reminded that the same peace I feel when walking on the shore can be found right there in my office.  I've got it displayed prominently in my window...  cause sometimes I really need that reminder.

And then there's something else brought back from the beach, this one from North Carolina, where a couple of my cousins are stationed with the Marines.  This seashell  necklace is simple... our "Redneck Island" necklace that my cousin Rhett made each of us to wear at Green River last week.  It's hanging on the corkboard in my office, directly in front of my desk, a reminder that family is what's most important, and also a reminder to pray for our military men and women. 

And lastly, as I've sat and reflected on sand, I'm amazed by the very bigness of God.  This gift of  Him... He's numbered the very granules of sand... yet He takes time to intimately know me.  I could never count the immense number of sand, but He can.  He has.  And just as He makes the waves wash against the sand, He has control of me... all my circumstances. 

So, yes, I can count gifts of sand, even here in Eastern Kentucky. Because God is good, and His grace is sufficient...

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