Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Quiet Time?

8 AM on a Wednesday morning... have to go into work later but no rush.  I'm looking forward to diving into my Bible, getting caught up on my Nehemiah study and my Chronological Bible reading (I'm a day behind... which can easily turn into two days). 

Caleb spent the night with Papaw and Nana last night so I trek across the yard between our houses.  Papaw has to run some errands in town and go to the doctor, which is why I am not going into work until later.  No sense waking Caleb up...

A beautiful sunny day.  Perfect for relaxing in the quiet shade of Papaw and Nana's porch and reading God's Word... getting it in my soul so that I can take it with me and draw on it all day...

And there, sitting on the couch, is Caleb.  New ringtones blaring from his Iphone, texting away... my plans for quiet time going down the drain.  And then my phone is ringing and I answer it and get lost in the conversation... so lost that I'm frantically searching through my bag to find the very phone I'm holding to my ear.

Yes, quiet time is what I need.  It's not necessarily what I'll get, but I do read a little of Proverbs and a session of Nehemiah with the ringtones blaring and Caleb pacing with his Ipad in hand, facetiming with a friend.  And this is my lesson on this already somewhat crazy morning... It's easy to get lost in the quiet time.  God wants to be our priority.  Sometimes, though, quiet just doesn't happen, and we get shuffled around in the chaos of what we call life.  It's then that we are truly tested.  God's Word is still God's Word even if I don't get to sit down and read it by myself... and it still has the same truth.  It's easy to believe it when it's just me, and a quiet breeze, and the sunshine... much harder when it's loud and noisy... but that's when we need to cling to it most.  That's when we need to take a deep breath, shake off our anxiety, and let God be God. 

Epic fail for quiet time on this Wednesday morning... maybe tomorrow I'll make it up before him.  However, he was singing loudly, and is there anything better than hearing a kid give it all he's got?  After all, it won't be long before he won't want to be in the same room with me, so I'd better enjoy it while I can =)

Have a blessed Wednesday!

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