Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Language of God

That still small voice... oh, how I long to hear it whisper.  There is nothing like knowing you are in God's presence.  Tonight, I had church on the way home from Zumba.  I had Klove on, and there was a slight mist on the windshield from the recent rain which we so desperately needed.  A fog drifted up to the mountains and at that moment, all was right with the world.  Nicole C. Mullen was singing "My Redeemer Lives" and I could feel it all the way to my bones...

This morning, I sat in my living room having my quiet time.  I've been trying to do it more diligently this year, and thus far I've done ok.  Oh, I have days when I miss, or days when I just zone out and don't even remember what I've read.  Those are the days that are the toughest, when I don't allow God to permeate me and get into my marrow.  The days when I make Him a part of my to do list and then leave Him on the sofa along with my Bible. 

In this week's reading of Grace for the Good Girl, Freeman addresses just that. How quiet time really shouldn't be just a few minutes we set aside in the morning. "Quiet time is no longer something I do. Rather, it is a description of what happens when I am with God."  The ocean pouding the sand on a beach isn't quiet... but it's probably where I feel God the most.  The thunder we heard this afternoon wasn't quiet, but it was evidence of God in the Heavens.  A hummingbird isn't quiet... a bubbling mountain creek isn't quiet (oh, how I wish we had water in our stream)... Caleb isn't quiet... but these are all gifts of God.

Freeman goes on to discuss how our quiet time helps us develop Christ within us... which is our only hope.  The more time we spend with Him, just being... the more likely we are to have Him within us visible, illuminating us from the inside so that the world can see Him.  Then, she writes something that deeply resonated within me, something that I've been thinking on for the rest of the day.  It's a quote from Kenneth S. Weust, "The Holy Ghost speaks to us through His Word.  If we don't know it, He can't communicate with us." 

There it is... God's secret language isn't really a secret at all.  It's right there in black and white, and red in some translations.  His Word is living... His Word is mighty and powerful.  And His Word, His love letter to us, is how He helps us in daily life.  Now this may not be a revelation to you, but it makes perfect sense to me.  Quiet time isn't necessarily about being quiet, or checking off my Chronological Bible, or reading a passage.  Quiet time is about digging into His Word and burying it within us... chewing it up and savoring it as we swallow it down, because once that Word gets in us, His Spirit, the Comforter, is able to communicate and minister to us.  If we have His Word within us, the Spirit has control and Christ is able to show out... because we are dead to the flesh.  With His Word, we have a weapon for anything that comes against us. 

Lord, help me to meditate on Your Word.  Hide it in my heart and use it to use me.  You are good, and worthy to be praised.  Full of grace, for this girl who maybe isn't so good after all...

grace for the good girl by emily p. freeman


  1. This is so great, Lauren! Loved your post. :)

  2. I do so love that Nicole C. Mullen song! Thanks for linking up, Lauren. So glad you did!