Friday, July 13, 2012

Rainy Day Blues

I had grand plans for today.  I was going to sleep in, then go out and lounge on a float in the pool, reading a good book and soaking in the sunshine.  Instead, it rained...

So, what's a girl to do when it rains?  There are lots of things to cure the rainy day blues...

Like read.  This morning while Caleb played Sims I read On Folly Beach.  I also made myself read some of War and Peace.  My goal was to finish it this summer.  I'm not sure that I'll make it... Holly assures me that I'll love it once it gets through the war scenes at the beginning.  I'm 14% in (according to my Kindle... that's one thing I like about the e-reader... ) and so far I'm still hung up in all of the Russian names.  Not to mention it speaks some in French... without providing a translation.  Other books I'm reading right now, but didn't read this morning, include The Guestbook, The Island, Skylight Confessions, I Used to be So Organized, Grace for the Good Girl, and Nehemiah: A Heart that Can Break.  I know... I know. I've got a book in every room =)

Other things to do on a rainy day? Clean house.  I'm not a master housecleaner by any means, and since I've been working pretty much full-time this summer, I've put off organizing like I wanted to.  However, I have managed to somewhat keep it straightened up.  Today, I did some laundry, dusted a little, and cleaned the bathrooms.

Go to movies.. Caleb and I went and watched Ice Age 4- Continental Drift, and it was  good little movie.  There were times when I laughed out loud, which is always good. 

Nap.  I didn't do this today... but it's on the agenda for tomorrow, especially if it is raining =)


  1. Lauren, I'm a huge Russian lit fan and the names are always a hang up. Everyone has at least three names it seems! I know it sounds so much like homework, but I actually make myself a chart or cheat sheet when I'm reading Tolstoy, Dostoyevsky, etc. Once you get over making the initial chart, it makes the reading go so much more smoothly. All I'm talking about is something like: Andrei = Prince Ruskove = Andreyovich (Not actual names, just an example).

  2. That's a good idea. I read Anna Karenina in high school and don't remember having this problem... but then again, I didn't have quite as many distractions and got to sit down and read more than 10 minutes at a time!