Saturday, July 7, 2012

Sisterly Love

She's the one who always liked the cats.  Seriously... I never did like them, but she would hug them and pet them and have them eating out of the palm of her hand. And Pugsley and Butch... dog hairs everywhere but she didn't care.  How she cried when Butch died...

She's the one with the infectious laugh.  Her eyes will crinkle up and she laughs from deep within, sometimes so much that the tears run down her face.  How bad was it that Brandon and I used to intentionally make her clutch her sides, saying, "Please stop, I'm going to throw up."

She's the one that noone ever has a bad thing to say about... and why should they?  She listens and is soft-spoken, in comparison to my forceful talking and loud mouth. 

Oh, the memories... of getting peed on the first time I held her (I deserved it in advance...).  Of her toddling steps in the living room, of her lining up all of the Christmas presents and opening them every single one (she doesn't remember.  And I can't remember if I put her up to it or not... I'm betting yes).  Of painting herself blue and of wanting to be an Indian, of a rain dance and a teddy bear bedroom.  Oh, Miss Hollywood and I'm a little teapot at my tee-ball games.  A baseball bat to the head (accidentally) and so many fights I can't count... my red hot temper to her calmness.

Of sharing a bedroom with twin beds, much to my teenage angst.  White blond hair and brown eyes always full of laughter. 

And today... I am overwhelmed.  She was overwhelmed... with the love demonstrated through her wedding shower.  As she opened present after present, I could see it in her eyes.  She teared up a couple of times... but how could she not know? How absolutely wonderful we all think she is?  How special she is to so many people, especially me?  In her 27 years she's had it rough.  I've not always been the best big sister... a little jealous and a little bossy and a lot of giving her a hard time.  She's taken the backseat to my drama.  She's always been happy to ... just be.  Happy she is...But today, as I watched that radiant smile, her joy became my joy. 

That little girl, all grown up and getting married.  Warren is a lucky man... and blessed we are.  Holly Chelle, I'm so looking forward to August 4th!!!

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