Wednesday, July 11, 2012

My Little Man

He stands taller than me (well, almost... when he stands on his tiptoes).  His foot is larger than mine.  He's all about spiking his hair and taking pictures with  his tongue stuck out.  At times he infuriates me, and other times he amazes me.

Today, I advised at Lees.  It was a busy day... I probably met with 10 students or so.  At least three of them asked about Caleb.  Two of my co-workers asked about Caleb and mentioned how sweet he was. Brenda, the maintenance woman, asked how "her sweet darling is today".  She never fails to ask about him. He never fails to give her a hug after church on Sunday morning.

Sometimes he's very much a little boy, fighting with Kami and getting mad at me, backtalking and slamming doors, and being selfish.  But then, he's meeting everyone as they come into Walmart and leaving my side to offer hugs, posting prayers on Facebook...and loving like I wish I could love. 

We're all works in progress.  Last night as I was watching a video on the Proverbs 31 woman, he leaned into me, his head on my shoulder, and said, "Is that what a wife and mom is supposed to be like?", which lets me know I've not gotten there yet... but it was  a good teaching opportunity for me to admit that even as an adult (and sometimes because I am an adult) I don't have all the answers and can make things one big ol' mess. 

After all, we're all just God's children...

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