Thursday, October 14, 2021


 Today I stood on a hilltop on a cemetery, looking out toward the horizon. I walked among the tombstones, noticing the dates. Some were no longer readable.

I thought of the poem "The Dash" (you can read it here). 

Many of the tombstones no longer had a dash carved in between the dates, but it is unspoken. 

That dash represents our journey. 

I want a dash on my tombstone, because it symbolizes who I was. 

We are all walking toward eternity. 

How we live, what we do in the in-between, is important. 

Not so much our jobs, or our hobbies...

but how we invest our time. 

Rather, in whom we invest our time. 

I'm not sure what I want my epitaph to say. 

We all seek validation on the daily, validation that we are important, that we are right. 

Sometimes, we even want to be seen as the victim. 

As we journey toward the date that will be at the end of the dash, may we not get so tangled up in what we are doing. May we instead concentrate on the day, the moment...

because even though we are always looking TOWARD something, we don't know if we will ever truly reach it... but we can take advantage of the moments we have. 

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