Sunday, October 3, 2021


Strangest looking sky tonight. On my way to town, coming down Shoulderblade Hill, I spied this rainbow streak.

Later on down the road, on the right hand side, another rainbow. Then a light sky after sunset, with clouds dispersed…

The writing prompt for today was PEACE and again it’s one I don’t relate well with. Maybe someone with a stronger faith than me can help us all out… seems like there’s a lot of perfect people out there that know all the answers. I’ve gone to church all my life and truly believe Jesus is my Savior, and His Word says He is my peace, but most days here lately it seems a little out of reach if I’m honest. I’ve tried changing some circumstances and still come up short. My heart hurts for many who suffer, most of us suffering in silence, our own version of the walking dead.
Peace does not mean a mere absence of conflict, and as I’m processing (sorry if I’m sharing too much heart on my sleeve, but again, several of y’all said you relate to my posts so I’m going to keep sharing until someone tells me to shut up)… I’m realizing that peace that seems allusive does not mean it isn’t there. Peace only comes after a battle, and more times than not in our world it’s a battle of the mind, the spirit. More often than not I lose, and some of my days are spent languishing away even as I stare the gift horse full of blessings in the mouth…
I am posting this because I refuse to quit. I don’t know what will come out of the darkness, sometimes one of our own making… but I do know He promises that the suffering of this world will be nothing compared to the glory revealed in us. There is hope, friend, and whatever we are going through, wherever we are, we are not alone, even if we feel it.

Praying grace and peace over you in whatever situation you are facing. Look for the rainbow… and as Dolly says, know in order to see that promise, sometimes we have to go through a little bit of rain. 

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