Friday, October 8, 2021


To define the word complete, you must first understand the intricate pieces that make up the internal you. 

We are all more than the sum of our parts, but you can't be complete until you consider how those parts fit together. 

Often we feel incomplete, lacking, unsure, only because we expect "complete" to look a certain way. 

To feel a certain way. 

Whole... Together... Unbroken...

Although really completeness lends itself to the idea of perfection... and perfection can't be unbroken, right? Because if something is broken it can never truly be made perfect again. 

At least that's what society will try to tell you. 

So, here we are, often in mid-life, looking back at the first years of our lives with a more complete since of the should've, could've would've idea... 
And life is completely full of regrets. 

Nothing seems complete, and we tell ourselves it is because we are only at the midpoint, that our best days are just ahead, and that is true in a sense...

Maybe we should stop concentrating on completeness... perfection... wholeness...

and instead appreciate the parts as they are, not as a sum, but individually, each unique experience lending itself to a better development of who we will become...

complete only when there is another date on the end of the dash that signifies the sum of our messy, beautiful chaos that is life. 

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