Wednesday, October 13, 2021


 Redemption is a funny thing. 

To redeem is to compensate for something bad...

Too often we feel like we have to compensate for something, an area where we feel less than, not good enough...

Today, as I was reflecting on this word as a prompt, I realized that there are some things that can't be redeemed... not entirely. And there are somethings that we shouldn't try to redeem. Some things should be considered lost causes. 

Then there are some things that we THINK need to be redeemed that really don't. 

For example, I still have guilt at times when I find myself not being productive. I feel like I should constantly be "doing" something... and there was a time when I would have got up and added something to my to do list when I felt like that...

but that's not something that needs to be compensated for. Some days, I'm not going to be my best and that's ok. 

The important thing is to realize that reality is...

we can't do the redemption work ourselves. We can try... 

but ultimately, we need a redeemer. 

We need someone to make the compensation for us. 

And even on those things that we may be able to rectify, we can only do that in His strength. 

So... shake off those feelings of inadequacy. 

Redeem your time by NOT focusing on worrying about tomorrow. Live for today. 

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