Tuesday, October 12, 2021


 Hey, friend... can I tell you a little secret? 

Have you ever had anyone tell you "Everyone says..." or "Everyone does..."? 

Have you ever logged on to social media and thought that based on the pictures and the posts that you see, everyone else was having fun while you are at home wallowing in self-pity? 

The reality is, how you're feeling when you're comparing yourself to someone else's highlight reel... 

well, EVERYONE else feels that way too. 

Ok, maybe not EVERYONE... but more people than you're thinking. 

There are no absolutes in this world. 

We are all unique, individuals with different interests and capabilities and likes and dislikes... each of us perfectly designed by a God who truly knows everyone. 

So don't let the internet convince you that you're missing out. 

Don't let the world tell you that everyone else is better. 

Be confident in the imperfect mess that you are, and remember that everyone has a bad day now and again. 

And we need everyone's own unique magic to make the world go round. <3

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