Friday, October 3, 2014

We're Not Alone

"Finally, brethren, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable... think on these things."- Philippians 4:8

Brethren.  Brothers and sisters.  My friends.  Beloved.

When reviewing different translations of this verse at Bible gateway, these were the terms given as to whom this verse addressed.

There is one common theme that I see...

We aren't in it alone.

Not to be presumptuous, but I can't help but think that perhaps that is one of the reasons this #write31days challenge has grown.

We need to know that we aren't alone.  That we all have similar struggles.  That we are surrounded by community.

(As "We're All in this Together" from High School Musical plays in my head... which may immediately take any credibility out of this post.)

If you read my post from yesterday (and if you didn't, you can click here Thinking... Or click here for the rest of this series... 31 Days of Whatsoever) then you know that Philippians 4:8 comes after we're counseled about not worrying, praying, and finding peace.

Because at one time or another, we all have worried about something. We've all been in a place where we thought we had nowhere to turn.  We all struggled with discontent, chaos, and lack of peace.

My brethren.  Brothers and sisters.  Friends.  Beloved.

You're not alone.

We have to be there for one another.

It's just like this.  If you have a star quarterback, but no line to block for him, he'll be flat on his back every single play.  If you have a star running back, but no line to create a hole, he'll be flat on his back every single play. If you have a star wide receiver, but no quarterback to throw the ball to him, he's just hanging out there, emptyhanded.  If you have a line but no other players, the line is getting beat down for nothing. 

We all have our part.

Mine looks different than yours.  If you're participating in this writing  challenge, your prompts are different. Your prose is different. Your experiences are different...

But we're in it together.

Today, you may disagree with someone... but remember they may be struggling, too.  Cling to Philippians 4:8. Find the truth in that person... They are God's child.  Find the lovely in that person. 

And think on these things...


  1. That is SO good, and so much truth to it! We are NOT alone. I never really caught onto the key words "brethren, brothers and sisters, beloved." Wow, great revelation! So glad I found you today!

  2. I have never thought of "brethren" this way until reading your post. How heart opening. THANK YOU! :-)

  3. Thank you for this word. I really enjoy reading your thoughts as you open up your heart for this verse.

  4. So well said. I like the analogy of the football team. One of the most powerful sentences ever said to me was "You won't go through this alone." Thanks for this reminder!

    Stopping by from Inspire Me Monday. :)

  5. Glad to meet you, Lauren, through Inspire Me Monday. It's been a tough day for me, so I'm grateful for your encouragement -- so timely and hope-filled. Thanks for reminding me that I'm not facing these struggles alone. You have a beautiful site!

  6. Amen! Isn't it wonderful to discover community and to find others who travel the same paths we travel? Thank you for linking up today :).

  7. So glad to have found your blog through all of these crazy, busy 31 days of writing. "But we are in it together." Love that!