Saturday, October 18, 2014

Fill 'Er Up

"Finally, my brethren, whatsoever is true, whatsoever is honest,  whatsoever is just, whatsoever is pure, whatsoever is lovely, whatsoever is of good report, if there be any virtue and if there be any praise, think on these things."-  Philippians 4:8

Day 18 of this #write31days challenge , and the days are starting to run together. 

As I've lived in a whirlwind of volleyball games and work and basketball practice and academic team practice and shark tank preparation and football and church and trying to fit in family time and making sure we all have clean socks...

I've been on autopilot.

Move from one place to another, without really thinking.

 It's like this analogy...

I'm sitting in the living room watching football.  I get to the bottom of my Diet Coke can.  I go to the fridge to get a new one (or yell for Wallace to bring me one... hey, I'm comfortable on the couch!) There is no more Diet coke in the fridge.

1. This is a matter of crisis in this house.

2. I immediately think of how thirsty I am.

3. This is a CRISIS in this house.

Now, there's no more Diet Coke in the fridge because I got too busy to go to the store to get any more.  Or maybe I went to the store and got so distracted by everything else there that I forgot to get Diet Coke.  Or maybe Wallace took the last couple to school.

I may try to drink a regular coke... but you know what? It's not as good.  I've been drinking Diet Coke for so long that it doesn't taste the same.  It doesn't satisfy me.

Thinking on these things is like that. 

In order to always have enough "good" thoughts, I have to make sure that I look for them.  I have to be intentional.  And what oges into my mind through what I read, hear, see..

that's what I'll think about.

If I don't take time to read God's Word, or go to church, or just sit quietly and listen to Him...

If I don't take time to prayer , thanking Him for all that I have...

My soul will be empty, just like my fridge. 

When my soul is empty, it's easy for me to try to fill it up with other things.

Negative things.

I need to keep my soul full so that my mind will think of those things.

When His Word is constantly in my heart, I see what is true.  What is honest. What is right and pure and lovely and of good report.  I see the virtue in others...

And I can't help but praise Him.

Now, excuse me while I go to the fridge and get a Diet Coke and get into His Word. 

Y'all have a blessed Saturday.  May your day be beautiful and your favorite football team win.  (Unless, of course, your favorite team is LSU.  Because  then my favorite team won't win. And we all know that UK deserves to win.)

And all the crazy Diet Coke drinkin', football lovin' Jesus girls say Amen.


  1. Hello! I so resonate with the idea of needing to make sure we keep our soul full of the right things so we can think on them... the idea of choosing to fill ourselves with HIM. Loving Him with you today. Blessings to you! (Stopping by from the 31 Dayers FB group.)

  2. Hey Lauren! Your post is so true.. We have to be itentional with our thoughts. Negative thoughts enter our mind so easily. We need to train our mind to think on good things. And the way to do that is spending time in His word!

  3. I love your analogy. Definitely something this girl needs to work on. (Our game day is tomorrow, GO SEAHAWKS!)

  4. I hate Diet Coke, but love intentional living. :)


  5. Great post, although I, like Glenda am not fond of Diet Coke, I do feel the same way when I neglect to sow in the Spirit. Thanks for sharing.