Monday, October 6, 2014

Spilt Espresso... Honestly No Problem

"... whatsoever things are honest...think on those things."- Philippians 4:8

Today is Monday.

It was raining.

And did I mention it is Monday?  Except, according to Caleb, it is kind of like our Wednesday since we have fall break Thursday and Friday.

And Wednesday mornings for Caleb and I mean one thing: a stop at Miller's Café for a shot of espresso and extra whipped cream for Caleb. And usually a triple chocolate muffin for me... but today is Monday so I refrained.

Those of you who know Caleb know that he is 11 going on 21.  All of his life, he's been around older kids.  Kami introduced him to Starbucks and it was love at first sip. Words can't describe how excited  he was to see Miller's open... where they make the espresso as you wait. Just like Starbucks.

Only I think it may be a little better, because I can guarantee that Starbucks wouldn't give him extra whipped cream just because... but Tim at Miller's does.

Miller's is a small-town café with small town values.  The Ten Commandments are hanging as you enter the line to order... and there's a sign about asking for our daily bread. Founded on faith and family...

and there's not anything much more honest than that.

As I thought about Philippians 4:8 this morning, I thought about how whatsoever true and whatsoever honest are kind of the same thing... but true means absolute, and even for someone strong in the faith, that is something that is hard to reach all of the time. Honest, though...

Strong's concordance says that the word translated as honest in this verse comes from the Greek semnos, which means reverend, grave, and honest. When I think of grave, I think of the word stern, and Tim Miller is anything but that.  He always has a smile, even as the line is long and the computer system isn't working... but because of that smile and knowing that he treats Caleb with kindness, I don't even mind counting out my change.

He's honest... I knew this of his family.  I saw it this morning first hand.

It's Monday.  It's a rough day.  Tim gave Caleb extra whipped cream with caramel because I think  he knew Caleb needed a pick me up... and then that's when it happened. As Caleb was sipping on the whipped cream, he proceeded to knock the cup over. Espresso everywhere. 

I've got a feeling that at Starbucks, we would have been out of luck.  Not at Miller's though. 

Tim didn't say a word.  He just wiped up the mess and set to making Caleb another espresso...

Honest. Of good character.  An example to my boy, who tries to act grown up but gets a little upset over spilt espresso. 

Thanks, Miller's!!! We'll see you Wednesday... and we'll try not to spill anything!

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  1. how wonderful to have a local coffee shop. It really does make a difference. My daughter is an manager at a local coffee shop/music venue that caters to the arts community. It really is a wonderful place to be.

  2. Thanks for the post. I really enjoyed reading it! Amanda