Saturday, October 25, 2014

There are No Words...

Today I watched a video session from Beth Moore's The Patriarchs.  I'm on week 5... been slowly (and I do mean slowly) working through it. 

Today's lesson was about Jacob and his vision at Bethel.  Several times Beth mentioned being aware of God's presence.  She cited the verse where Jacob said, "Surely God is here and I didn't even know it." (My paraphrase).

That got me thinking.

A lot of times I'm asking God for directions, asking God to show me Himself...

But I'm typing on my computer or scrolling down my newsfeed on my phone.

I go through life unaware a lot.

Beth then went on to talk about visiting the Grand Canyon.  She said that she had seen lots of pictures, but they just don't do it justice.

I can vouch for that.  This summer I got to visit when I attended a conference in Arizona. It was an all-day trip, but well worth it.

Standing on the edge of that Canyon, I can remember thinking how vast God is. I often think of that when I'm standing at the edge of the ocean.

At the Canyon, though, all the colors just contribute to the vastness.  You just know it didn't happen.  There has to be a master painter.

I think that when I see a sunset, as well, or view the oranges and reds on the hillside right now.

We are so very, very small.

And He is so awesome.

Sometimes, there are no words to praise Him. Sometimes, I just have to sit and gaze around me. No words, just something in my spirit.  Sometimes I find myself tearing up at His greatness.  I'm reminded of the verse in Isaiah where he says, "Woe is me, I am undone." I am undone... ruined... destroyed...

Because He is so great. And I am not.

Pondering on praise as I reflect on Philippians 4:8 for my #write31days challenge.


  1. I've never been but would love to visit the Grand Canyon some day. Thanks for the beautiful word picture. Keep going, fellow 31 Dayer!

  2. Thank you for posting these beautiful pictures and reminding me that the heavens declare the glory of God! We can just look outside and be reminded of Him!

  3. We are so very, very small and he is so awesome - yes! Thank you for this reminder.

  4. My husband likes to say that the Grand Canyon is one thing that lives up to its name. Glad you got to enjoy it. Isn't it great to stop in His great creation and reflect on His greatness and our insignificance?