Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Today I'm staring at a blank screen and trying to drum up some inspiration.  For the most part, this #write31days challenge has been relatively easy.  While Philippians 4:8 is just one verse, it can be expanded upon in so many different ways, and can be applicable to every part of our life.  I think that must have been what God intended... that we meditate on Him and His Word, and those things which are true, honest, right, lovely, pure, admirable, praiseworthy, and of good report.

As I've written this month, I've truly been able to see things in a new perspective.  I still am negative.  I still complain... but I'm finding that more and more I'm getting that nudge to stop it. 

Stop the insanity...
Because really that's all negative thinking is.

(And I don't say that lightly. As a medical professional, I know that insanity, mental illness, is a very real disease.  Too often it is taboo in the Christian community.  We don't talk about it.  If you are suffering from a mental illness, know that there is no shame in that. Find a good Christian counselor and don't be afraid to take medication.  It doesn't make you a lesser Christian. It just means that you recognize that sometimes God uses man and their smarts to heal you.)

But back to negative thinking and insanity... Insanity as in "Cray-cray." (I can see Caleb saying, "Mom.  Don't.  Just don't." He's been saying that a lot lately as I continually prove that I am not a cool Mom. Is there even such a thing as a cool Mom? If there were, I'm not it.  And I'm 99.95 % that is a very good thing.)

Oh, these rabbit trails... sorry.  One of my favorite definitions of insanity is "Doing the same thing but expecting different results." And see, that's kind of how negative thinking is... because when I'm complaining, it generally means that I'm not acting on anything.  I'm just verbalizing my displeasure. NOT edifying and NOT building others up.  So I'm essentially doing the same thing but expecting things to change... just because I complain.

The opposite of negative is positive, right?

So the opposite of complaining... an antonym listed in the thesaurus?


If we want to change, we must take action.  The first step to making change is... well, taking the first step.  I may not ever want to be someone's best friend... but I can make them feel better along the way. After all, I'm to have a mind like Christ, and be His ambassador, a city on the hill, the salt of the earth, (and that does NOT give me permission to be salty. Don't, Mom.  Just don't.).  The light of the world.

This week, I'm challenging myself (and I'll hope you'll join me.)  For every negative thought that I have, I'm going to take it captive... and change it to a positive.  Surely I can find something praise-worthy about that person that I'm disagreeing with or sitting in traffic or the rain.  I'm going to then turn that positive into praise and thanksgiving.

Oh, boy. 

We'll start with you.  I'm sure by this time your praise is, "Thank goodness she's winding this post up."

If that's true, well, Bless your heart. 

Seriously.  Blessings to you!  And thanks for reading this far.  Hopefully tomorrow will not be quite as crazy... but no promises here.  Just keepin' it real!


  1. I LOVE your quote "If we want to change, we must take action." This is so very true. We will never change if we keep doing the same ole' thing.

  2. Thanks for sharing! This reminds me of when our Pastor gave us rubber bracelets and told us to wear them for a week. Every time we complained we had to switch it to the other wrist! It was to make us aware of how often we complained throughout the day. It really helped me! I was switching it a lot! Eventually, I found ways to be more positive. It inspired others. Positivity is infectious!

  3. Thanks for sharing this! Great minds think alike...we nailed a few of the same ideas! I wrote my definition of insanity earlier this month! :)

  4. Yes! Let's take action! I love the idea of turning every negative thought around :) My husband has used that quote ~ "Doing the same thing but expecting different results." ~ several times as we have been taking steps down our life path together and changed some things!
    Thank you for the encouragement today!
    Blessing, Sarah Travis