Sunday, October 5, 2014

Love is True

The laughter is loud and the conversation is long. We talk in interruptions.  Football. Basketball.  Food. Pappy J sleeping through... although today he is surprisingly awake, even after the shocking UK game last night.

There is the standard apple dumplings and dirt cake, and cupcakes arranged in the shape of 21, in honor for two of the guests of honor.  We tease that perhaps we can change the shape to 27 or 24, for the two other guests of honor.

The sky outside is blue and the wind is crisp, blowing the white clouds across the expanse. It's chilly, but never too chilly for a little football tossing.

The trees are changing to red and orange, a sign that winter is coming. October is a time of slow death... but in our family, it is also a time of life.

Five of the ten cousins were born in October, so it's kind of a big deal.

As the college kids trickled out, back to school, and the Hayes boys left to find a pickup game of football or basketball or something involving competition, we drew names for Christmas. We gave up on including Kami and Allie, or Jordan and Gentry, because they exchange until they get each other's names anyway.  And we all decided that even if we didn't get Braylee's name, she'd likely get the most gifts of all.

I try not to think about this time last year.  I try not to think of the one person who is missing, the one who loved family gatherings better than anyone.

Whatever is true...

This year has been a year of discovering truth... what is truly important. 


We all start and end with family.

So today, we snapped pictures without complaining, knowing that they were memories that we would treasure later on.  We laughed long and hugged Pappy J a little tighter.  We appreciated the appearance of Mike Clemons and actually missed the presence of Mike Fugate.  We said I love you, when previously the words might have been left unsaid.

Love is one of the greatest truths.  You can fake it.  Words can be said and they don't mean anything...

but love is the greatest commandments.  Jesus spoke it in truth.  It's one of those whatsoevers we can think about...

Loving in truth. Loving fully. Loving with all that we have.

Even in it means we are vulnerable... because being vulnerable is being truthful.

"Finally, my brethren, whatsoever is true... think on these things."

Tonight, I'm thinking of my most awesome family, and thanking God for these blessings. 

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  1. I am from Kentucky (living in the Cincinnati area now), so I understand the energy of a UK game :) That is one of my life verses by the way. Great post.