Monday, October 27, 2014

Take it Captive

"Think on these things..."

Think... to  have a conscious mind.  To employ one's mind  rationally. To consider something as a possible choice.  To call to mind something. 

Thinking is an action.

It's very definition is conscious... rational... considerate... deliberate.

Yet so often my mind doesn't seem to be conscious.

Conscious... as in "fully aware". "Aware of one's surroundings."

The mind is funny in that...

Thinking is conscious, but often it means that as I am thinking, I am unaware, or at least not fully aware.

As I'm thinking of what my happen tomorrow, I'm not appreciating the today.

As I'm thinking of that stupid thing I said yesterday or how I lost my temper ten minutes ago, thinking of what a failure I am, and how Caleb is going to be that kid... you know the one... because of all of my failures...

I'm not enjoying the laughter today.

As I'm thinking of how much I'd rather be at the beach (and I really would... and I'm trying not to dwell on that)... I'm  not appreciating the beauty outside of my window.

My mind goes a million different directions at once, and often it doesn't seem conscious or rational. 

In fact, it is often very irrational. Things that would never happen in a million years become sure certainty.

"Think on these things..." Whatsoever is true, noble, right, pure, lovely, of good report, full of virtue and praise.

Take the irrational, illogical, unconscious fears and seep them in truth, purity, and love.

Take every thought captive...

and consciously think on these things.

Because I am a child of the King.  He holds my tomorrow.  He has a future, a plan, and a purpose for me, and it was preordained before the foundation of the earth.  He loves me with an everlasting love and no weapon formed against me can prosper because He is my strength and my salvation. He's working all things for the good and He's working me for the good because He's not finished with me yet... I'm a work in progress and He is faithful to keep His promises.

Breathe deep and accept these things... these promises... and think on them.

Finishing up the #write31days challenge on Philippians 4:8 this week.


  1. I looked at that very verse recently. It is amazing how every thought needs to be taken captive. We must be intentional in what we allow our minds to spend time on. I'm visiting from the 31 Dayers FB site & am glad to be here today!

  2. So true, that if I am thinking on something not beneficial, then I am NOT thinking on what I should be (the good, pure, lovely, etc.). Thank you for the reminder that I need to be careful of what I allow my mind to dwell on!

  3. Thank you for this Monday morning reminder! Think on these things.

  4. Too often we follow our thoughts instead of taking them captive. Good reminder!

  5. I have ALWAYS loved this scripture. I have it on a sign on my living room wall--the same as the one you have pictured in the righthand sidebar. Found you through Facebook 31 dayers link up.

  6. I love this reminder that we need to corral our thoughts--take them captive and spit out the irrational ones. God wants us to dwell (live in) on the good things.

  7. That's why this verse is so meaningful to me. I struggle daily with the battlefield in my mind. Thank you for the encouragement by pointing to what we are missing when give in to those worries, doubts, fears, and condemnations.

  8. My mind moves so fast actually planning out what would happen if _____ happens. I find myself dwelling on the tragic "what ifs" too many times. So thankful that focusing on the Lord reins in those thoughts! Good post!

  9. I know I've wasted too much time thinking and dreaming about the future and never DOING anything in the present (well, not NEVER, but feels that way! LOL). That's part of the reason I signed up for the 31 day challenge b/c I wanted to be forced to think of something "right now" to write about, and treasure the moment! Great thoughts here!

  10. Thank you for these beautiful words and reminders. I believe part of taking every thought captive is focusing on the positive -- including not beating ourselves up with guilt over not being perfect -- about our thoughts! It's a challenging balance. You explain it beautifully here.