Tuesday, April 30, 2013

What I've Learned in April

This week I read Emily Freeman's Chatting at the Sky blog. She told about 12 things she'd learned in April.  I don't know that I've learned 12 things, but I thought this was a neat post, and I'm always looking for things to write about on days when the cursor is blinking...

So here it goes.  My top 5 things I've learned in April.

1. Absence really does make the heart grow fonder.
Yes, it's true.  The more you sit and pine over someone, the more you think they are really special.  That's not to say that reality won't set in come May, but I'm thinking it won't.  Or the reality will be different.  Once you begin to appreciate something, you realize it's worth.  Having to sum up your day in short text messages and try to cram in a whole week of conversation into a weekend makes  you realize that the communication lines have to stay open. 

2. I'm much stronger than I thought I am.
I'll be the first to admit it that I'm a little spoiled. Ok, a lot spoiled.  And while I didn't really face any true adversities in the last month and a half, I did learn about paying bills (see... I told you.. spoiled) and making decisions and propping myself up, rather than waiting on someone else to do it.

3. We can't do anything without family.
This past month has been crazy. Two trips to Bowling Green (well, one coming up Saturday, so you might as well count it in this month), work and clinical ending, meetings and life.  And behind me, my Mom and Dad and my in-laws Helen and William and even some aunts picking up the slack to make sure that Caleb got home and got fed and felt loved.  Yes, family is great... or mine is, anyway.  And I am blessed beyond measure.

4. If you go to Microsoft Word, you can choose just about any font you want.
I discovered one yesterday called Wingdings, which types symbols instead of words. It's like a while secret language, or code, like we used to want to write as kids.  I know, I know... it doesnt' take much to amuse me.

5. You can teach old dogs new tricks, despite what everyone else says.
Caleb's dog, Remi, is mean and grouchy sometimes.  He used to snap at us everytime we tried to pick him up. Granted, I'd probably snap, too, if someone like Caleb was always trying to dress me up and pack me across the yard.  Last week, though, I watched somewhat hesitantly (just knowing a bite was coming...) as Caleb gingerly placed a leash around Remi's neck... and proceeded to take him on a walk!  Outside of Nana's fenced in yard... they pranced up and down Twin Cedar until Remi was gasping for breath (keep in mind, he stays inside the yard.  And lounges on the porch.  Or on Nana's porch swing.) Caleb then got him in the golf cart... and Remi hopped right up, paws on the wheel, just like he knew what he was doing.

Guess we old dogs just have to get off the porch... and hope this post has shown you just what an exciting life I really do lead, when I'm excited about font changes, text messaging, and a dog driving a golf cart =)

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