Thursday, April 11, 2013

My Take on Caleb =)

Caleb Bates makes me smile.  He's forever doing something that makes me laugh.  Like tonight. We were talking about Wallace coming home, and I said, "What's the first thing you are going to do when you get off the plane?"

I imagined him saying, hug my daddy, or cry, or laugh, or jump up and down.

"Turn on my phone." He said, without hesitating.  I'm guessing it is so he can get a picture of his daddy, but those of you who know my son well knows he doesn't do well without his technology. Caleb without his cell phone, Papaw William without his cigarettes... could make a long plane ride for this ol' girl.

Quickwitted he is. He's always there with a comeback, often leaving me speechless.  Sometimes, I honestly just sit there and stare in awe at the little man he's become. Sometimes, I sit and stare in exhaustion, because he never stops. 

But he makes me better.  He's taught me what it means to love someone no matter what. I thought I loved my parents, I thought I loved Wallace, I thought I loved Holly and Kami... until Caleb came along.

And he makes me want to do better.  It's scary times, and I understand why the Bible talked about in the last days, "Woe be unto the mothers."  I worry about things he'll see... things he'll hear.  I worry as I see our nation in war and the economy and changes in society.  Most of all, I worry that I won't be a strong enough light.

I can give Caleb Bates the world.  I can buy him an iphone, and legos, and clothes from Hollister and American Eagle, and make sure he has life experiences, but all of that is vanity if I don't show him God.  Not just the God of judgement... but the God of love, who gave me this awesome gift.

Lord, help me be the Mama that Caleb deserves. I'm so very blessed to be his Mama. 

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