Tuesday, April 2, 2013

March in Review

Yesterday, I realized that a quarter of the year passed by.  April already. The sky was blue and it was sunny but cool and I'm thinking I've about got through the hard part... except sometimes it's all hard. Tonight, though, is good....

Each month I've been reviewing my goals from the New Year, so here it goes. Sorry if it's boring, but this makes me accountable and look at how I've progressed... and maybe where there is room for improvement. 

Not lost much weight, but I have been exercising at least 30 minutes 3 days a week. Not done much better in March, in fact, I might have done a little worse.  I'm happy to say that the last three days I've walked every day =) I really do want to start running, but I'm still pretty bad out of shape.  I'll just keep on keeping on.

I'm still behind on my Bible reading.  I'm in Joshua, almost a month behind.  I love how God speaks to us, though, and is never late.  This chapter is full of the encouragement, "Don't be afraid. Be strong. Be courageous.", which I really need right now. I'm pretty confident that over the summer I'll be able to catch up on the reading plan.

I'm memorizing Matthew 5, 6, & 7 this year. Pretty lofty goal, and I've just. about.  quit.  I stalled out on verses 21-22, but as I'm writing this I'm thinking of how much I need that Word, so I'm resolved to start back this weekend, go back and review what I memorized and start where I left off.  Nobody said I had to memorize it in a year =) I've also memorized six verses for Beth Moore's SSMT, and am working on Romans 5:1-2, speaking a message of grace.

I've not taken a pic every day; I went for a couple of weeks in March without one.  And I'm about two weeks behind on posting in my album, but I'm making a list so when I have time I can catch up.  I've blogged almost every day.... some days they've been good, somedays I've been pushing it, but I find that once I start writing, I can usually find something to say.  Whether anyone wants to read it, that's another matter, but this whole life is between me and God, audience of One.

I've worked through Lisa Harper's Malachi and am on week 4 of Beth Moore's Daniel (again) with a group of friends on Facebook (goal of 4 in depth Bible studies). I've fallen behind, but I am resolved to finish.  I finished Let. It. Go. and will start another group with Melissa Taylor's Online Bible Studies on Facebook over Tracie Miles's Stress Less Living.  I know I could sure use that message!  I'm also working through Luke with Caleb every night. We started in chapter 9 last week and are in chapter 10 this week. 

I read 9 books in March, for a total of 26 out of my 80 books; 54 to go. This is probably my favorite goal because I enjoy it so much! I wish I could make a living by reading!! I can't wait to write about what I'm reading in April! And thanks to my loving husband, I got to download more books on my Kindle. They are just waiting there, along with a complete bookshelf in my office, ready for me to read this summer. 

Participating in the Joy Dare and counting 1000 gifts... counted a total of 600 through March.  He is so good!

Getting more sleep... not 8 hours a night, but going to bed at a decent hour most nights, and feeling more rested  in the morning. I've actually been going to bed pretty early most nights, 930 or 10.  I'm still not a morning person, but I'm trying...

As I look back over the first quarter of 2013, it's been a pretty good year. I've made some improvements.  I've got some other areas that I need to work on.  Mostly, I'm learning just to live day by day, doing the best I can, and granting grace to myself and others when it doesn't necessarily go as planned.  His mercies are new every morning... and His grace is sufficient. 

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