Monday, April 29, 2013

A Pulpit of Gratitude

I just want to take a nap.  I'm typing this at my work computer on my lunch break, taking a break from working on meeting minutes and lab hours and grading remediation and posting grades.

The end of the semester is a whirlwind...

leaving me topsy-turvy, papers piled high around me, smothering me.

It's never really the end... because as long as we are breathing there will be another group of advisees to meet with and more checksheets to complete and more syllabi to type, a calendar to finagle with only to change several times once the actual semester comes.

New students to learn and old students to pray for...

and they go out and become nurses.  And like a proud Mama, I watch them go, watch them grow from timid things in patient rooms to confident guys and gals whirling down the hallway in search of the next emergency that needs their attention.

I am humbled.  God's work is not just in the church, rather it is outside the walls of the cathedrals. Work in the trenches, where I shine my light as I can. Sometimes it is a bright beacon. Other times it is a dull light, dimmed by the thoughts and worries and cares that surround me.  How dare I let those things hide my light?  This pulpit I preach in... it used to be around hospital beds, but now it is in front of eager students. 

Sometimes I feel so unworthy... but aren't all of us unworthy of our calling?  My calling looks different from your calling, but we have to keep on keeping on with whatever God is calling, wherever.  From our homes. From our computers. In hospitals and schools and Walmarts and wherever...

Because Jesus went where they did.  And we are supposed to, as well.  Jesus went and spoke the gospel, the good news... and Lord knows we have enough bad news surrounding us. The world needs some good news, some smiles and encouragement.

Some grattitude.  Join me today as I'm thankful for papers being submitted and Sparkly Green Earrings, for naps and long walks and long baths and my family.  For books and my car and the wind in the windchimes and my front porch, my desk and the sun reflecting through my office window, Jesus and sumertime so close I can taste it and God's Word.

Up to 772, counting joys each day.  This week, a special thank You for Wallace (Happy Birthday dear) and for all of my nursing students, past, present, and future, and all those preparing for final exams these next couple of weeks.  And for my classmates submitting all of those final papers.  His grace is sufficient to see us through.

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  1. I visiting from A Holy Experience. I'm glad you were able to take a break even if it was a small one. Good luck with all the rest of the end of the year stuff!