Sunday, April 28, 2013

My Summer Bucket List

Caleb has 12 more days of school, not counting weekends.  20 days until we hop on that airplane and fly out to get Wallace.  A couple of months or so until we head to the beach, and then another month until Green River Lake... But who's counting, right?

I've got a week and a half left in this semester, if you count a due date of May 8th for my final paper in Epidemiology, which I plan to have done this week.  Finals are coming up for my students, too, and even though I have to work the rest of May, my workweek gets a little easier after the meetings are over and the students are gone.  Just me, a shredder as I go through old files and paper, and time to finally get some filing done.

All this talk of school being out and summer coming have made me think about what summer means.  Pool time and sunshine and sunscreen and flip flops and books... lots and lots of books. 

And time with my family, which is at a premium this year.  Made me think of my Bucket list for summer.  Here it goes...

A trip to a Reds game and Kings Island to take Caleb on big coasters.
Fireworks at the beach while we grill hot dogs that are "cheap".
Smores around the campfire with the Green River Gang.
Ranger rides on Papaw's farm.
Trips to Natural Bridge and Red River Gorge, and perhaps Mammoth Cave and Abraham Lincoln's birthplace and My Old Kentucky Home.
The beach.  The beach. The beach.
Reading.  Reading. Reading. 
Sleeping late and Caleb says to get Oreos.

What's on your bucket list this summer? 

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