Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Counting for the Connection

Yesterday I did my walking outside.  The clouds were starting to move but the sun shined gold on the gravel.  I was reminded that the earth sings to God in worship, as the birds were chirping and the winds were rustling through the tree leaves. The creek gurgled to its destination and somewhere in the distance a dog barked.  At that time, I was in tune... sometimes we are grounded and connected in a way we don't understand.

Last night Caleb and I facetimed with Wallace over the internet.  The picture wasn't always clear and there were times when we couldn't hear him.  At times we would see his face, and at times the screen would be blank.  Finally, we lost connection and he called back. I could hear him loud and clear, but something about that poor connection made me miss him even more.  I thought again of how connected I felt during my walk, and how that a poor connection can impact communication.

A poor connection... a bitter heart?  A prideful thought?  Time spent doing something other than reading His Word?  Wallowing in my loneliness?

All of those sever the connection with God...

but there is a way to maintain connection.Seek Him. Ask.  Read His Word. And stay thankful.

Thanking Him today for these 1000 gifts, up to 640.  Thankful this past week for:
lunch with a friend and time with my grandmas.  Romans 5:28...again.  My sins nailed on the cross and my bookshelf nailed together holding books that I may or may not ever get around to reading, for 60 degree weather and a long walk with my music cranked up, for golf cart rides and little boy giggles, for sunshine and facetimea dn the realizeation that I don't ahve to try to do anything other than what I am able to do.  The sun rising on the horizon behind the clouds and laughter on hard days.  My nursing students in their white uniforms and my phone charger and good coworkers, Dance Moms on DVR and studying Luke with Caleb...

And as I keep counting these gifts, writing and thinking and pulling them to mind, my connection is clear.
How can it not be when all I concentrate on is His good? 
And how can I not be grateful when I see that in all of my insufficiency, in all of my not good enough... He is? 

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