Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Year

Only every four years will I be able to post about this, so I figured why not?  2012 is one of those years where we gain an "extra" day.  We're forced to mess up our mind and write 2-29-12.  One of the blogs I subscribe to talked about this being an "extra" day, and I am happy to say that I took full advantage.

Since I do a 12 hour clinical day on Tuesday, I usually take Wednesday off to recoup and work from home.  Today, I slept late, and then spent about 2 hours catching up on my Bible reading and devotions and cleaning out my email (I still have 240 unread emails, so guess I didn't do such a great job).  I read some, graded clinical paperwork (still haven't got caught up) and then read some more.  I didn't worry about running here and there, jsut concentrated on the tasks at hand and recognized that since it was an "extra" day, I could use it as a day to "catch-up".  I took a nap and went to church.  Great lesson about James 4- Submit yourself and resist the devil, and compromise and how we weren't born to compromise, but that the devil likes to make us think that we were. 

On this extra day, I didn't compromise... but how often do I?  How often do I skirt around things that need to be done?  How often do I neglect my rest, or my exercise (which I did even today... but I wasn't getting on the treadmill with it lightning the way it was today).  We're full of rationalizations, when really we should be filled with His reasoning.  Help me not to compromise, Lord.  Help me to submit myself to you, and resist, because this is so hard.  And thank You for catch-up days, so that tomorrow morning, I'm not as far behind as I thought I was...

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