Friday, February 24, 2012

Day of Work

I was sick last week.  I missed a 12 hour clinical day, and then the next day still just sat around.  Thursday I had lab, and Friday all day meetings, so here I am, a week later, a week behind.  Today I went into the office and worked, and still didn't get caught up.  I need to work on lecture notes to post for next week, and have to post an assignment, too, but today I felt like I was digging myself out of papers.  I did clean out my email some (I only have 250 unread messages now).  I hate feeling behind...

and then I read a devotion today that I really liked.  It talked about making time for people rather than tasks, and I realized that maybe I'm not as behind as I thought.  Because today I chatted with students online about questions, took time to talk to  M&O guys while they checked my computer and other electronic equipment, and made a point to type some recommendation letters.  All people, not just things to do.  Our lives are about relationships, and sometimes I forget that.  I get so stressed out in what I need to do, and forget to focus on who is important. 

So after work I met Wallace and Caleb and had a leisurely dinner at Alberto's. We talked and laughed.  I then visited with my in-laws, discussing the exciting news of the day (congrats, Greg and Regina... I'm going to make a wonderful aunt).  I finished my busy, digging myself out from being behind day watching TV with Wallace. 

I'm a professional procrastinator... but that work will be there tomorrow... for when I get back from wedding dress shopping with Holly, Mom, and Kami.  And maybe my mind will be a little clearer, and I'll be more productive.  One can dream, anyway...

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